Star Parties

Astronomy is one of our favourite activities at Gordon’s Park. Over the summer and fall we host a series of events and activities that will give you a chance to learn more about the night sky and explore it. Included in these activities are our star parties. Our star parties are perfect for both amateur and veteran astronomers and we have special event astronomy nights happening during each of our star party weekends for those who want to learn more about the stars. Come join us for an incredible astronomy weekend, camping and viewing the night sky in our RASC designated Dark Sky Preserve. Our Dark Sky Preserve offers exceptionally dark skies, no light pollution and 360 degree observing from horizon to horizon.

Please note that our Dark Sky Preserve is a NO WHITE LIGHT ZONE, meaning you will need to have red filters on all light you use at your site or while observing the stars.

Star Parties

Stargazing Manitoulin

June 28- July 1, 2019

Stargazing Manitoulin is our longest standing star party and our premiere event for being able to view deep sky objects like star clusters, nebulas, galaxies, and planets, including the rings of Saturn. At this years event, happening on Canada Day Weekend, you will have the opportunity to participate in a meet and greet campfire, stargazing hike where you will explore naked eye observing and learn about star hopping. You will also have access to two nights of our public observing session where you will get to look through a telescope in our dark sky preserve to view deep space objects and receive a laser pointed tour of our night sky and learn about constellations and celestial bodies.

Public Astronomy Nights will also be happening this weekend for those who wish to come just for the evening. Check out our calendar of events for dates.

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Perseids Meteor Party

August 9-13, 2019

Stay with us for the most amazing meteor showers of the year from our dark sky preserve. Expect to see over 60 beautifully coloured meteors streaming across the sky per hour leading up to the peak on August 12th and after. Activities & workshops include a welcome meet and greet campfire, stargazing night hike, guided public astronomy & laser guided sky tour sessions  as well as free access to our nature interpretive centre, hiking trails, mini putt, horseshoes, bocce ball and the children’s playground. Read more about the Perseid Meteor Shower

Public Astronomy Nights will also be happening this weekend for those who wish to come just for the evening. Check out our calendar of events for dates.

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