Stargazing Night Hike

Our Stargazing Night Hike is an immersive adventure through our hardwood forest after dark, with a combined focus on stargazing as well as nocturnal wildlife. During this hike you will get to experience all the wonders our nighttime forest has to offer.

This night hike follows along our Mother Nature Trail (< 2 km hike on a fairly even gravel road) making stops to do some naked eye stargazing and to listen for, and learn about, some of the most beautiful nocturnal animals in our part of the world. As part of our stargazing adventure your guide, and his trusty laser pointer, will teach you how to find key constellations using just your hands through a method called star hopping. You will also be taught how to use a planisphere, which is a useful way to identify star patterns and navigate your way through a forest at night.

Guests will have the opportunity to use parabolic ears, a device which magnifies the sounds of the forest around you with the hopes of maybe hearing howls from the nearby wolf pack, seeing one of our rare and elusive flying squirrels or one of our Park’s many white tailed deer that often graze for food at night. You might even get really lucky and hear from our Barred Owl family, who sometimes like to follow us along our nighttime hikes, swooping from tree to tree.

Our Stargazing Night Hike is family friendly (ideal for children age 8 and older) and please keep in mind that all lights (phones, flashlights, headlamps, etc.) must be filtered in red so that your eyes can adjust to the darkness and you can get the most from the experience.

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