Milky Way Bunkie

One beautifully painted camping cabin is set up on the Dark Sky Preserve. The Milky Way Bunkie is perfect for 2 people that enjoy watching the night skies and would like a little extra peace and seclusion, as well a little more comfort than tents can offer. The Bunkie is fitted with two single beds inside, and outside there are two chairs, a picnic table, and a rustic end table.

*Pets are permitted in the cabins with the usual $5/night pet fee, and a $50 damage deposit. Service dogs are free.

Dark Sky Preserve rules apply,  which means there is no white light or campfires allowed. 

Evening lights require red filters (Extra filters may be available at the office).

What Do I Need To Bring?
Your own bedding (sleeping bag & pillow), cookware, lantern, & red lights for outdoor use. A propane or BBQ stove, as fires are not permitted.

What’s Near The Milky Way Bunkie?
The Milky Way Bunkie is situated near a covered picnic area, an outhouse, and a large cube of potable water.
The Milky Way Bunkie is built right inside the DSP, meaning there’s no need to wake up, drive your car to the DSP entrance and night-hike into the DSP – phew!

The new owners are aware of the need for more amenities in the DSP. They are interested in digging a well, building a summer kitchen, and building eco showers in the future.


The Dark Sky Preserve is also home to The Stargazing Cabin, which offers more amenities.