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Here is a handy list of common and uncommon camper questions!

Northern Lights / Auroras + Meteor Showers
What Amenities Are There?
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What Amenities Are There?

Technology: Electrical Outlets and Wifi


Our park has three hydro-electric camping sites, which share 15 amps of electricity. 

There is no electricity in the Dark Sky Preserve.

In the Forest Campground:
•Outlets are at the Summer Kitchen
•Outlets are beside the Nature Centre’s side door
•You may leave items at the office to charge, they will be with the staff

Please supply your own charging cord and wall charger port

Wifi originates from the office, beside the main Forest Campground. The wifi reaches the communal area, where there are covered picnic tables for you to sit at.

The wifi will reach some cabins, hydro-electric sites, and campsites. At this time we cannot guarantee how far it will reach.

Our wifi is for checking mail, etc, and not appropriate for video game use.


We have a supply of private well water that is tested periodically.

There is running tap water located at the Summer Kitchen, and in front of the Keeper’s House.

There are portable water cubes stationed in various locations that are tended regularly.

Scroll to the bottom of our Summer Kitchen + Water page for locations, information, and a map.

Disposable water bottles are not for sale.

Reusable water bottles (insulated and non-insulated) are for sale and can be filled at the Summer Kitchen.

A selection of flavoured drinks/sweet teas/pops are for sale in the store.

Bagged ice is for sale.

We strongly encourage campers to bring 1 – 5 gallon jugs for water. These can be refilled in various locations on our campground.

We know it can feel easier to buy a 24 pack of bottled water. Please consider that each of those bottles may stay on beautiful Manitoulin Island as trash forever.

Recycling depends on willing buyers, and on facilities capable of processing the items. Without these, many items we ‘recycle’ go to garbage heaps anyway, or are burned.

Food + Cooking

There is not a restaurant on site.

The store sells a small collection of snacks, ice creams and drinks.

The Dark Sky Preserve has 1 barbecue.

The Summer Kitchen has communal barbecues and a stove top. Pans, grills, etc, may or may not be available at the kitchen.

It is advisable to bring your own propane stove / coal BBQ / etc. 

If you’d like to cook on the fire, please bring your own fire grate. Pit sizes range from 19″ to 23.5″

In the event of a fire ban, propane stoves and barbecues are the only cooking mechanism that is legal to use.

On-site Activites

Our activities page is here!

Activities include:
•Nature Centre
•Horse Shoes
•Dark Sky Preserve 
•Mini Putt $
•Astronomy Events $

$ = Activities not included in a camper’s reservation
• Day visitors may purchase access to the park (click here for more info)

The staff will tell you that the best part about the park, is the ability to power down the screens and relax!

Manitoulin Island


Via the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry (Tobermory) or the Swing Bridge (Little Current).

Please visit this page for more details.

Our campground is conveniently located on Hwy 6, just 15 minutes North of the ferry terminal in South Baymouth.

If you plan to stay with us for at least one night: 
Please e-mail and inquire about permission to leave your vehicle in our parking lot while you tour.

If you do not intend to stay at our campground for any nights:
Please e-mail to inquire about the nightly fees and waiver necessary for permission to leave your vehicle in our parking lot.
Please include the potential # of nights and dates when you reach out.

Grocery Stores + Restaurants + Farmer’s Market + LCBOs


Northern Lights / Auroras + Meteor Showers

Yes, the lights are viewable from Manitoulin Island and our Dark Sky Preserve. However, we cannot guarantee any one camper will see the lights.

Very strong auroras may be present directly overhead, while weaker auroras will be visible to the North.

Please view The Auroras page for a few photos taken in our DSP!

Autumn (September and October) is listed as the best times of year according to one travel site.

While another says September thru March, with January and February being the best.

It is agreed the best time of night is midnight +/- 1 hour.

The short answer is: we do not know.

The auroras are space weather. Science predicts an 11 year cycle of high / low activity. Specific aurora events are forecasted by monitoring the sun for solar flares and CMEs.

You can check out our Auroras page for links to different Aurora trackers.

The events you see listed on the Astronomy events page include everything we have planned!

In the future we will be delighted to offer more events. This business was purchased in 2021, so our growth will be one step / event at a time!

Dogs + Pets

Dogs and Cats are welcome at the campground, subject to a per-night fee.
Pets are not allowed on Tipi campsites.
Pets are subject to a Damage Deposit when staying in a cabin.

Please see the (Fees Page (Link)) for details. 

Dogs must be on a lead at ALL times. Maximum 6 feet long.
This ensures the safety and comfort of every guest and staff member.
It also ensures your dog’s snout stays free of porcupine quills!

Dogs and Cats are welcome at the campground, subject to a per-night fee.
Pets are not allowed in Tipis.
Pets are subject to a Damage Deposit when staying in a cabin.

Please see the (Fees Page (Link)) for details. 

As long as a dog is well-behaved, leashed, and following the doggie rules.

What Makes This An Eco Park?

The campground was purchased by new owners in 2021. Many of the existing amenities are eco-friendly.

As we renovate and add to the campground, we are making short and long term choices that will be as eco friendly as possible, while also being realistic to the needs of the campers.

Please know that transforming the campground will take many years, and reaching all of our eco-friendly goals will take an equal amount of time, resources, and creativity.

The water for our showers is heated by the sun!
Our showers operate by pull-cord, encouraging you to conserve water while you shampoo and lather!

Staff can personally attest that the showers are hot, even in the evening following an overcast 15C day. (Specific temperatures have yet to be tested!)

The DSP has a genius solar heated shower contraption built by the previous owners. It involves filling two shower water bags, heating them with the sun, and using a pully to hoist the bags to the top of the private shower. It’s definitely an experience!

While outhouses do not smell great, their existence is intentional!

The human bio-waste is going directly to the Earth and will be transformed (with time) into humanure!

Only 3 of our 50+ campsites have electricity running to them.
None of our campsites have water or septic hook ups.

As of 2021 the amount of hunters and the types of hunting permitted in the park’s off-season have dropped dramatically.

For hunting to be completely eliminated, an equal income source must be developed first.

We believe that the land this campground is on is really being borrowed from the animals, insects, plants, etc that need to live here.

At our campground you will find spiders and bugs. We do our best to guide them out of cabins, tipis, and bathrooms. We will NOT spray poisons to kill them.

There are 2 types of dangerous spiders in our area. 

A funny anecdote:
Upon arrival at the campground, the new ownership found that one outhouse (in an isolated location) had been taken over completely by Brown Recluse spiders. 

Rather than kill all the spiders to (hopefully) reclaim the outhouse, the owners agreed to close off the outhouse and leave the spiders be. At last check, they’ve almost cleared out!

With new ownership, events and nature programming must be recreated.

In 2021 we hosted Night Hikes, which educated visitors about the local flora and fauna, and a bit of astronomy.

We also hosted Astronomy Nights, which focus on the (perhaps underappreciated) natural beauty and wonder  of the universe!

In the future we will design programming centered around:
nature, mentorship, indigenous culture, healthy living, autism, and more!

Cancellations + Refunds + Changes

Staff are working hard to design the best policies (and policies page) we can. For now, please visit this page for our current policies, or email to ask for help.