Dark Sky Preserve

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Manitoulin Eco Park (Latitude N 45.66866, Longitude W 81.97073) is the proud home of a Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) designated Dark Sky Preserve.  

The designation took place in November 2008 (as Gordon’s Park), and was the first commercial designated preserve.
Why? To give everyone a glimpse of the sky our ancestors lived with every night! And to provide hobbyists and astronomers with a space to enjoy the stars.

What makes this a Dark Sky Preserve?
Campers and staff use red lights only
Vehicles may not drive into the preserve after sunset
No campfires are allowed
Meadow is located inside a forest & rural area
No light pollution or Sky Glow
° Observing Horizon*
7.5+ magnitude stars on the best nights
Uhihdron Sky Quality Meter reading is 21.96 magnitudes / sq.arcsec. 

*New ownership as of April 2021 has noted some trees in the DSP need top pruning.
This will be addressed!

The campground is open mid May to October.
Astronomy events and Night hikes are hosted throughout the season.

Please check our events page for dates

↓ Check out these maps that show Gordon Parks Light Pollution and Sky ratings! 

dark sky preservedark sky preserve

White lights are not allowed please:
•Purchase red lights prior to arrival
•Purchase red light filters at the office (subject to availability)
•Cover your existing lights with red fabric, red cellophane wrap, etc.

There are no firepits at campsites in the DSP.
A communal fire pit has been installed right inside the DSP entrance. Please purchase your own firewood.
Distance is a 6-10 minute walk, depending on your campsite.