Dark Sky Preserve

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Gordon’s Park (Latitude N 45.66866, Longitude W 81.97073) is the proud home of a Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) designated Dark Sky Preserve.  The designation took place in November 2008, and the official opening ceremony took place in August 2009.  We are the first, and as of yet only, commercial designated preserve.

Our Preserve is an area of the park that is completely free of light pollution and white light. Its purpose is to promote exceptionally dark skies and astronomy. For more information visit the RASC site.

Our Dark Sky Preserve offers exceptional dark skies showing 7.5+ magnitude stars on the best nights. The Preserve is one of the darkest observing sites in the Province of Ontario with no light pollution or sky glow around the 360 degree observing horizon. Sky Quality Meter reading (Unihedron Inc.) is 21.96 magnitudes / sq.arcsec.

The park is open to stargazers and astronomers for accommodations and observing from May to October annually with events, star parties and other activities happening throughout that time.

Please note that our Dark Sky Preserve is a NO WHITE LIGHT ZONE, meaning you will need to have red filters on all light you use at your site or while observing the stars.

During star party events our Dark Sky Preserve is closed to the public and our other guests. Please check our events page for dates

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