COVID-19 Policy

Gordon’s Park

May 2020

Gordon’s Park is committed to the safety of our staff, guests and Manitoulin Island. So committed that we have been thinking diligently about how to ensure a safe 2020 summer season at our Park. We know that if you choose to spend your time with us this summer you deserve to feel safe and be safe. We have developed some initiatives and processes to ensure just that. Here are the details for the upcoming season:

Contactless Check-in:

  • We are encouraging our guests to pay in full before their stay in the Park. You can choose to pay your full amount upfront when you book (leave us a note in your reservation) or you can pay your remaining 50% balance a week before you arrive.  For those who pay in full, should you need to cancel your stay with us you will receive your 50% back.
  • You will receive your site number, a map of our campground, and any other information you may need for your stay. When you arrive for your stay you can travel right to your campsite. We just ask that you give us a call and let us know you are here- 705-859-2470.

Social Distance Campsites:

  • To give you space and for purposes of social distancing, for our less secluded sites we will be booking every other site (as much as possible) so that all our guests are able to have more space to feel safe and enjoy their vacation.
  • For our roofed accommodations, we will be aiming to leave a 24-hr window between bookings, as much as possible, for extra precautions and will be following and exceeding public health recommendations on the cleaning of these spaces.

Safety in Common Areas:

  • Our common areas (ex. office, nature centre, washrooms, showers, pool, and summer kitchen) will be put through rigorous and scheduled cleaning.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in all of these areas, as will extra cleaning supplies should you wish to wipe things down before you use it (ex. before you start cooking in the summer kitchen.)
  • Because some of our common spaces are indoors (ex. Office and Nature Centre) we are asking guests to wear their masks to help keep our staff and other guests safe.
  • Also in our indoor spaces, we will be limiting the number of people able to be in the building at a time. We will have some markers in the common areas where people can stand to practice social distancing as well.

Washrooms /Showers /Summer Kitchen:

  • All of our washroom facilities (both privy’s and our flush toilets) are self-contained single person units with full closed in walls.
  • We have two shower stalls that are both individual self-contained units.
  • We have privy’s scattered throughout our camping areas (Forest Camping and our Dark Sky Campground) and our flush toilets are by our main office area.
  • Cleaning is being done regularly in these areas and extra cleaner is provided should you want to do an additional quick wipe for your comfort before you use the showers.
  • Guests are required to bring their own pots, pans and utensils to use in the summer kitchen area, communal items will not be available this year.


  • Regular astronomy nights, stargazing night hikes and moonlight hike and wolf howls will be by registration only (no walk-ins or last minute sign-ups) and we will have numbers capped lower than usual, so please plan ahead to reserve your spot.
  • Our Star Party Events (Aurora Borealis Weekends, Perseids Meteor Party, and the Manitoulin Star Party) require a two-night stay. As such, all astronomy nights and stargazing night hikes associated with these weekend events will not be open to people who are not staying in the Park and signed up for these events. This is to control the number of people at the event in order to keep everyone safer.


  • At this point in time we are continuing to require a 50% non-refundable deposit on all bookings. However, we have created a very flexible rebooking policy that gives our guests a lot of options should they have to rebook their stay with us. Your booking can be changed in any of these ways complete free of charge, provided that your rebooking is of equal value. Should there be needed changes to your booking our staff are more than happy to help you. Your options include:
    • You are free to postpone, reschedule, or cancel your stay at any point in time leading up to your visit. If you feel ill or are unable to come, we want you to be able to take care of yourself and your family first and foremost and not worry about losing out on your trip to Gordon’s Park.
    • You can rebook your stay for another time within the 2020 season (up until September 20th).
  • If you were booked for star party weekend you can reschedule your stay to another star party weekend based on availability.
    • If you were booked for a star party weekend you can reschedule your stay to a non-event time for a regular camping experience.
    • You can transfer your reservation to a new party (note that additional charges may apply if the new party has additional add-ons, ex. more people, pets, additional nights, or long weekend rates)
    • If you paid your full amount upfront for your stay with us and you need to cancel your reservation you will receive a 50% refunded to your method of initial payment.

We know that deciding to leave your home this summer will be a big decision and we want to make sure that you know that we don’t take your choice in Gordon’s Park lightly. In everything we are doing, we have you in mind. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this policy or your trip-, 705-859-2470.