Tipi Tenting

Tipi Tenting at Gordon’s Park

Looking for a unique new camping experience?

Gordon’s Park has tipi tenting available for rent in our forest camping campground!

Experience deluxe tipi tenting in the privacy of your own campsite in a wooded area of the park, with raised wooden floors, rain caps, and comfortable foam sleeping pads. Each site is also equipped with a picnic table, cook stand, and campfire pit.

Amenities at your Tipi Tenting Campsite

*Pets are not permitted inside the tipi.

Amenities at the main office, near your Tipi Tenting Campsite


Activities included with your Tipi Tenting CampsiteAdditional for fee activities not included with your Tipi Tenting Campsite

Price for your Tipi Tenting Campsite

Book your Tipi Tenting Campsite

Gordon’s Park is proud to be an accommodations partner with the Chi-Cheemaun Destination Manitoulin Program, which offers discounts to Manitoulin Island visitors.