Gordon’s Park is home to the first commercial privately owned dark sky preserve, boasting beautiful night skies, 360 horizon-to-horizon viewing, weekly events, star parties, and campsites and accommodations perfect for stargazing. We are also one of the more southernly northern locations in Ontario that has the opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), sometimes on a weekly basis. So, as you plan your next holiday keep stargazing in mind and check out this page for everything you need to know to plan your dark sky adventure. Please note that our Dark Sky Preserve is a NO WHITE LIGHT ZONE, meaning you will need to have red filters on all light you use at your site or while observing the stars.

Dark Sky Preserve

Astronomy ,aurora borealis, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, dark sky preserve, stargazingOur Dark Sky Preserve offers exceptional dark skies showing 7.5+ magnitude stars on the best nights. The Preserve is one of the darkest observing sites in the Province of Ontario with no light pollution or sky glow around the 360 degree observing horizon. Sky Quality Meter reading (Unihedron Inc.) is 21.96 magnitudes / sq.arcsec. Read More…


Gordon’s Park has weekly and monthly events related to astronomy and stargazing. Be sure to visit the events page to view the calendar of events and dates for this year.

Astronomy Nights

Astronomy ,aurora borealis, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, dark sky preserve, stargazing

Astronomy is what we are known best for. Gordon’s Park is home to a dark sky preserve, meaning there is next to no light pollution or white light. This makes for some great stargazing. See stars, planets, constellations and galaxies you definitely cannot see in the city and the Milky Way in such detail it will be like seeing it for the first time. Our astronomy nights are full of fun and learning for the whole family. Read More…

Stargazing Night Hike


Our Stargazing Night Hike is a new event for 2019. This guided hike follows along our Mother Nature Trail and features naked eye stargazing as well as exploring our Park’s nocturnal wildlife. Our astronomy guide will teach you how to locate constellations in the sky using just your hands and a technique called star hopping as well as how to use a planisphere. Guests will have the chance to use our Parabolic Ears, which are designed to magnify nighttime sounds, including animal sounds from creatures like flying squirrels, deer, wolves, owls and so much more.. Read More…

Star Parties

Astronomy ,aurora borealis, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, dark sky preserve, stargazing     

Gordon’s Park has been hosting star parties for over 15 years. We are home to a dark sky preserve which boasts some of the darkest skies in Ontario, with the ability to see 7.5+ magnitude stars on the best nights, horizon to horizon viewing and a Sky Quality Meter reading (Unihedron Inc.) of 21.96 magnitudes /sq.arcsec.

We believe in bringing together first-time viewers, amateurs and veteran astronomers to explore and appreciate what the night sky has to offer. This is why we also host Astronomy Nights during our star parties that are open to the public. Read More….

Aurora Borealis Weekends

Astronomy ,aurora borealis, Manitoulin Island, star parties, Ontario, dark sky preserve, stargazing 

At Gordon’s Park we are lucky enough to be just far enough north and far enough away from big city lights that we can see the Aurora Borealis from our Dark Sky Preserve throughout the year. Great times to view are on cool crisp nights in the spring and fall and so we have created three Aurora themed events. New this year we will have photographing the Aurora workshops at 9 pm on the Sunday of each Aurora Borealis Weekend Read More…


Our dark sky accommodations are located in our dark sky preserve, which is back in the meadows and cedar groves of our property. It is a 20-minute walk and 5-minute drive up to the main office and forest camping area. The dark sky campground is home to various campsites, the Milky Way Bunkie and the Stargazing Cabin. There is a communal area in our open field that is great for stargazing and has 360 degree horizon-to-horizon viewing. By camping in our dark sky campground you are required to follow the rules of our dark sky preserve, meaning that white light and campfires are not permitted after dusk and before dawn. There is a communal fire pit you can use during daytime hours. We suggest purchasing red plastic filters for all flashlights and lighting.


Dark Sky Campground

Astronomy ,aurora borealis, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, dark sky preserve, stargazing

Dark Sky Camping

Our dark sky campground consists of sites in our dark sky preserve. The sites are semi-private with some tree coverage and some open space, which is perfect for laying back in your gravity chair and stargazing. There is a communal open area where you will have horizon to horizon 360 degree viewing. We suggest this campground for those who truly want to experience the magic of the night sky and who want to be closer to nature. Each site comes with a cook stand and parking for one vehicle (additional parking is available close by). There is a communal fire pit that can be used during daylight hours, privies located close by, a large picnic shelter and garbage and recycling on site. No white light and dark sky preserve rules apply. Prices/Read More…

Milky Way Bunkie

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Milky way bunkie in our dark sky preserve.

 Our Milky Way Bunkie is located in our dark sky preserve and features two double beds and a small table seating area. It has a privy close by and a large deck, perfect for stargazing. There is a solar light and windows that are perfect for viewing the stars as you drift to sleep. And as though that was not on theme enough for you there is a giant wall mural covering one whole side of the bunkie depicting the glorious Milky Way. Prices/Read More…

Stargazing Cabin

Astronomy ,aurora borealis, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, cabins, accommodations, dark sky preserve, stargazing

Stargazing Cabin

Our Stargazing cabin sleeps a maximum of 5 people and features propane lights and a wood fire stove. There is a BBQ available for use and a fire pit close by that can be used during daylight hours. You will have access to your own private privy and there is parking space for multiple vehicles. The cabin has a propane stove top and ample cupboard space that comes with dishes, cutlery and cookware. Water is transported in from our main office and you are required to bring your own cooler to keep items cold as well as your own bedding. Prices/Read More…

Gordon’s Park is proud to be an accommodations partner with the Chi-Cheemaun Destination Manitoulin Program, which offers discounts to Manitoulin Island visitors.