Summer Kitchen + Water

The main forest campground has a wonderful summer kitchen available for all campers!

The roofed kitchen includes:
Counter Space
Double Sink
Running Potable Water

The covered picnic area is located next to the kitchen!

The flush toilets, eco-showers and sinks are located beside the kitchen.

Dark Sky Preserve campers are welcome to use the Summer Kitchen.
The DSP has a brand new BBQ, a dry double sink, and a large water cube


Our water source is a private well, and is completely potable / drinkable!
Please bring water jugs as one of your camping supplies.

Running well water is accessible in two places currently:

• The Summer Kitchen (at the sink, and a spigot beside the kitchen)

• A spigot in front of the keeper’s house (beside a water cube)

On the map running water is symbolized as a blue spigot (tap).

Portable Water Cubes are located in areas where the well does not reach.

• Potable/Drinkable water
• Never filled past 1/2 (busy season), 1/4 (off season)
• Located in DSP, Tipi Lane, Near Pond, by Keeper’s House

On the map a blue water drop symbolizes water cube.